[Solved] Moving students between classes from same teacher


I have students whose schedules have changed, but they have already created characters and are training pets, etc.  I need to move them from the class they were in (say 1st) to the class they are now in (say 7th).  I tried to add them in using the student database function but it says i need to archive their character.  Will I be able to reactivate it in the new classroom period?




Hi, Janette!

Here's how you should proceed to move a student from one class to another:

  1. Go to your class settings in the new class (eg., 7th).
  2. Click "Add Students" and then click "Student Database."
  3. Select the student you wish to import into the class.
  4. When prompted to archive their character or use Multi-Class, choose the Multi-Class option.
  5. You can now safely remove the student from the old class (eg., 1st).

Let me know if you have further questions!

Thanks Anne-Marie! Super helpful

You're welcome! Always happy to help. 😊

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