[Solved] Self Guided Questing

I am not sure if this is possible, but it looks like self guided quests are not available?  I put up some quests however it looks like each must be graded to proceed.  How, or I should say is it possible, to put up quests that I don't have to watch over and grade?  

I guess second to that, is there an alert or push notification I can turn on when a student submits a quest file? I put up a bunch that I want them to work through on their own time, however I don't necessarily need to grade the items but will go in an check them once in a while.  

If I have to 'grade' them, then how can I without having to log in once an hour see when users are submitting items for review?

Hi Stephanie,

It's not possible at the moment to create self-guided quests. You have to check in periodically in the Progress Center to follow up with the students' progression.

That being said, I'll be happy to send your feedback to the team. Thank you!

I would also be very excited if Self-Guided Questing were an available option at some point in the near future. Perhaps some sort of integration with the already existing Boss Battle assessment tool for built-in multiple choice tasks that could direct students based on pre-determined benchmarks?

Classcraft has an amazing team that readily updates, patches, and improves their platform, in addition to actually listening to feedback. These Quests could be the feature that really allows Classcraft to shine.

Perhaps a self-guided quests using multiple choice somehow.... Would definitely be pretty cool.

I think it has been enabled now.  You have to have both options on the arrow between the quests clicked on.  I think just the check means you have to check it, and both the check and the x means that they can progress on their own.

Hi Roxana,

The outcome options (checkmark or X) won't enable students to progress on their own as you still need to select their outcome on the Progress Center. In short:

  • Select the checkmark to only allow students who successfully complete the objective to proceed.
  • Select the X to only allow students who unsuccessfully complete the objective to proceed. (You may want to use this strategy to lead students who need extra help understanding a concept onto a branching path that involves more work or teaches the idea in another way.)
  • Select both the checkmark and X to allow all students, regardless of successful or unsuccessful completion, to proceed.

That being said, the team has been informed of the demand for self-guided quests and are examining the possibility.

Thanks again everyone for your feedback and patience!

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