[Outdated] Changes to Teacher Connect and Multi-Class

Hi teachers,

Last April, Teacher Connect became exclusive to schoolwide licenses. This change was made to address security issues and cases of abuse we had started noticing as Classcraft grew more and more popular.

Our intention with this move wasn’t to put this feature behind a paywall, but rather to respond to administrators’ security demands. However, we have received a lot of feedback from educators on this move and have decided to test out making Teacher Connect available at no cost. Moving forward, you can take advantage of Teacher Connect by having your school administration confirm the identities of the teachers using Classcraft and sign a short school agreement form.

Teachers interested in getting Teacher Connect for their school should email support@classcraft.com.

Thanks for your continued support!

The Classcraft Team

Hi, teachers!

Please check out this post for the latest information regarding Teacher Connect and Multi-Class.

Commentaire officiel

Hi Anne-Marie,

this is great!!!

I have teachers on my school which are interested in a Multi-Class. I understand that they have to write an email and then they can create a multi-class for free. Is this right?

Thank you

Angela Beck

Hi Angela,

That's correct! Simply let us know at support@classcraft.com whom we should contact at your school to get you set up.



Hi Anne-Marie, I only have 3 teachers and 25 students in a special ed high school, they told me they could reduce the price but I only needed multi class and teacher connect for pbis system but i was not aware this was available.  Please contact me if you could do discuss further

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