[Solved] Starting over for a new school year

Do I just delete all of my old classes and start new for the new year or is there a way to archive that data and do a restart?  I have 6 new classes this year and I don't want the data from last year cluttering up the progress for this year.


When I am in a specific class, and it is showing a list of all students, on the menu to the left at the very bottom under "advanced"  I see "archive".  When I click on it, it takes me to another page where I can remove that class.  It's a whole page of "how to".

Hi, Stephen!

As Pat said, you can archive your old classes, which amounts to deleting them. To access your class settings, click the small gear icon in the bottom left in your game dashboard, then scroll down to find the "Archive" option.

You can learn more about archiving here. 🙂

Hi... on a similar note...

I have students in my class that have used Classcraft in another class the previous year. Do they start from scratch? Or does their avatar 'carryover' from last year?

Hi Jen,

Those students can use their existing accounts to join your class. However, entering their student code to join your class will archive their previous character (if it wasn't already archived), which means they'll be starting over as a new character. We call that "the student lifecycle."

Let me know if you use Google Classroom. You might have to do things slightly differently in that case.

We DO use Google Classroom. They used Google Classroom last year. How does that change things?

Hi Jen,

You'll need to add those students manually using their first and last names. Then they'll be able to log into their existing accounts and enter their student codes to join your class.

Let me know if you have further questions!

The students I manually enter? What exactly carries over from last year? Their character class?Their pets? Their XP and GP? How does affect them playing with students who have never played Classcraft before? What is your expert opinion? Have them start from scratch or carryover their last year's character? I loved using Classcraft last year, but this added aspect confuses me.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Jen,

I apologize for the confusion.

By entering the student code you've generated for them, students will create new characters. This is important as they must start at the same point as everyone else when it comes to XP, Powers, etc. As for what carries over from last year, they will only have access to the pets they had fully trained. This is a small, simple perk that doesn't put them above the rest of the class in terms of progress.

I hope this makes a bit more sense. Let me know!

Is there no other way? It's easiest for me to have my students log in using their Google accounts which are linked to Google Classroom. I already archived the previous classes, but I still have students with old data.


Hi Kim, 

If students have already played Classcraft a previous year, they now have the ability to archive their own character from their My Profile page. Once archived, they can then enter your Class Code, in order to be added to your Classcraft class! 

This is only for when you are not part of a School-wide Classcraft subscription, or when other teachers currently (this year) have the students in their class. 

If you're in a School-wide subscription, then you can actually easily import the students from a school database (a shared pool of students that your school has). 

If you're teaching with Classcraft and have students that are currently using Classcraft with another teacher at your school, then you will first need to link-up the two teacher accounts, using the Teacher Connect feature. Once that's done, you will be able to import the students from the shared student database (shared pool of students between the two teacher accounts). 

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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