Customizing a class without discipline issues

First off, thank you for taking the time to read this post.  I tried using Classcraft this semester and quickly ran into an issue.  Fortunately, I don't have many discipline problems in my classroom; however a large portion of the Classcraft system is based on using healing powers to gain XP so that students can progress through the game at a consistent rate. Considering there aren't many students that need healing, I found the system broke down, as if losing small increments of HP was beneficial in the long run. I am trying to find a way to use Classcraft as a system of bonuses for going above and beyond and just generally staying on task.  I can give XP to a team for staying on task all through class with no issues and for doing homework problems etc and lower the XP given for healing/taking damage, but I am worried the entire XP progression will be entirely too slow or too fast.  Has anyone done anything like this or considered it?  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I should approach setting up the class?

Thank you so much!


I faced the same issue - you can read about it here.

Suffice it to say, your are absolutely right, and you may find students start to "game the system", as they did in my class. I have adopted a simple method, though whether it is the best or not is still out. Bad behavior gets a warning, but repeated offences result in a significant loss in XP. Students hate the idea of losing XP (and powers) so much that it makes a decent example of the first student to push my buttons.

It isn't perfect, but it works for now.

That's a great idea, so you basically just ignore the collaborative powers aside from the mages AP powers? 

You may increase the numbers of the random events that include HP loss without them realizing it. I start with a random event every day and they really enjoy it. You may give a lower proportion to earning indvidual XP's, but higher proporton of HP loss as groups. Still, these shouldn't demotivate them. 

So sounds like you want to damage them more, essentially?

BOSS BATTLES! Do more boss battles to review. This gives them plenty of chances to lose HP, Warriors to Protect and Healers to heal.

Make sure they do NOT regenerate HP each night (default in Classcraft). I let them regen 1 HP a night, but it's so slow, it's pointless.

Sure, they'll heal in the beginning, but they'll run out of AP pretty quick.


I really like boss battles and the kids beg for them. Don't have time to make more? Make generic ones and then hand kids print outs. Question 1 reads "Question 1" and the answer is "Question 1" to help you keep track of where you are. Then everyone references the sheet for the question. 


Remember you can put tests in and those scoring less than 60 get hurt, depending on your settings. 


Essentially, give them so much damage, they CAN'T heal it all. OR make some other powers so desirable, they're spending all their AP on it instead. One of the powers I have is Divine Music and the students can listen to headphones for 20 minutes. They LOVE this power and use up their AP pretty quickly.


I hope one of my suggestions, at least, helps!


No, I considered removing the collaborative concept, but instead I decided to take AP or XP away for behavioral issues.

I let them keep the collaborative XP bonuses for using their powers - I still want that teamwork component.

I would like to incorporate boss battles - that would make a big difference. Sadly, this is a small school and so, thus far, funding for it has not been on the table. Perhaps soon.

You could still do boss battles on your own. Put up a picture of a monster. Give the kids a sheet with questions and make each question worth a certain number of points. Let them answer in teams and the team that does the most damage gets the most reward (maybe 150 XP for 1st, 120 XP for 2nd, etc.). BUT, every time they get it wrong, the team takes a hit from the monster. You could do it as you play or after the fact, whichever works for you.

Before Classcraft implemented their 'official' boss battle, I tried quite a few things to simulate boss battles. Maybe it's a zombie horde attacking town and each right answer kills a zombie or something. Lots of things to do.

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