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Has anyone had a situation where a student and their parent felt uncomfortable with this?  They both mentioned that they are Christian and this all seems so creepy.  I suppose I will just opt her out.  Any advice?

Hi Monika,

We’re sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, we only have a fantasy theme to the game at this time, and the names of characters are not modifiable. We’ll be exploring different themes later on our roadmap.



As a Muslim, I too am conservative at times but you might pitch it like this:  It is a game playing system that promotes team work and social justice in many ways.  Perhaps that might help.

In the Bible there were many miracles performed by various prophets which saved people and they all wore clothing unlike what a lot of Americans wear today.  Jesus, Peace be upon Him,

raised men from the dead and the Prophet Moses put his staff in the middle of the Red Sea and parted the waters.  Those might certainly have been shocking to see even in our time.  I don't know if you could pull this off or not, but maybe you could approach it this way.

I am considering using Classcraft, but I am also imagining a big pushback from those families who are strictly religious--just one parent to complain could keep me from being able to use it at all with any of my students.

Has Classcraft made any progress on this front of adding in modified/modifiable character options to offer to my class? Warrior is probably fine (could also name him a "Fighter"). Healer is fine. Mage is the biggest worry and the most difficult to modify--could be renamed to be "Illusionist" or "Wonder/Miracle Worker."

Just enabling teachers to choose a classroom setting to be non-magic would be good. I know the site is called "Classcraft," but I want to be as inclusive as possible without alienating my students/parents. Even by just allowing me to modify the name/images associated could go a long way in padding around possible problems. 


Yes!!! I definitely need this for my community!!! I have parents that object to the fantasy involved.


Came to this forum to find out info about how to set up parent accounts, but, YES!!! I desperately want to option for a non-magic based theme.

When you are using classcraft with a gamified unit, it throws everything for a loop when the platform is magic basic but your unit theme is not. For instance, my current unit is zombie apocalypse and while they are roleplaying characters in my classroom and via their quests, they also love roleplaying their classcraft characters, and the two themes are not exclusive. It gets confusing.

An adaptation with Modern-day non- magic character roles (titles and powers) is all that is needed. Healer becomes medic, same powers. Warrior becomes... warrior! Or fighter. Mage becomes scientist or strategist. Slight change to phrasing of powers on this one.

Pretty please!!! =)



We are currently looking into the possibilities of adding different themes to Classcraft.  You’re definitely not the first to mention it, and we hear our communities wants and needs!


Keep in mind that we are a relatively small team here at Classcraft and designing new themes for our game is a long process particularly because we want our characters role to coincide with their aesthetics as well!  In other words, if we were to introduce modern medics, we would want the medic character to look like a medic :)


These are wonderful ideas, and we appreciate every single suggestion that comes our way.  I’ll pass this along to our feature request platform with similar suggestions. 


Thanks for taking the time to post in our forums!

I am a devout Christian. I am applying to be a classcraft ambassador and I use this platform to gamify my classroom.  I did go in and change some of the powers (Ardent faith, etc.) to say things that would be less controversial.  The platform is incredibly customizable.  I live in rural North Carolina and we are definitely in the Bible Belt, but I have had no problems at all using the platforms.  And yes, I teach Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, and Jehovah's Witness students!

I just looked at the platform from every perspective I could imagine and set out to troubleshoot BEFORE introducing the game!  I think that really helped me sell this to the community.

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