Grade 8 Core French - Getting to Know You Quest

I used this quest with my 8th grade FSL (Core French) students. There were multiple opportunities for them to practice speaking and writing, and to introduce themselves to their peers.


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This was my first ever quest, so I'd love any feedback or ideas for improvement!

Hi Erin,

Nice Quest! :) 

For your "Introduire toi-même (Affiche)" Objective, I would change "Share your poster with Mme Gaudet via Google Classroom" with "Share your poster with Mme Gaudet via Classcraft". That way, after you approve the progress, the game will automatically award the points to your students for their work. 

I hope this helps!

Thanks Andrew, that is very helpful! We hadn't really figured out how to attach work directly to a Classcraft quest, but I will definitely change this for next year's class :-)

Awesome! Happy holidays :)

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