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So I have been pouring over the forums in here to add a bit more excitement to the game that kids love already. I did find a post with the comments mentioning a store they created to sell other powers and potion cards(which my kids love!!!) but I don't know how to make such a cool store.  Can someone leave the bread crumbs down the rabbit trail so I can try and implement it after christmas . Sometime in January. Thank you.


I'm working on a shop for my students. I just uploaded a twit about it yesterday LINK


First I created a list of items they can but and made card for them. LINK


The idea is to use a Quest to make the store. LINK

Then a form to take the orders. LINK

And finally an exccel to calculate how much will they expend. LINK


I also add an extra for good english grammar as I teach english.


Any questions just ask!

Hi Erica, Sorry you haven't gotten an answer yet! I posted your question on our Twitter and am hoping someone will come and give you some pointers. 

Hi Erica. I created my item shop and made it part of my classroom Google Site. I have that linked below. I also used some cards I found here on the forum (I was actually here trying to find them again) to create cards the kids can buy for various things. I really wish I could site the guy those came from because I would love to give him credit, but I can't find them! I am also linking my folder below that has copies of all of the cards in them that you can customize in Google Drawings. I am currently working on a way to get physical ones printed so I can give those to kids. 

My shop wasn't used very much this quarter, so my goal is to use Inaki's idea to have them be able to access it in Classcraft as a quest. It will then take them to the item shop page on my site. I am going to add an order form to that site (Google form that emails me for each submission) and then give the kids the card that they purchased the next day in class. Please find me on Twitter @TechWithParson if anything I have shared doesn't work or if there is any other way I can help!!



Hi Arcadia,

These look like Daniel Veve's cards, which were shared here: 🙂

Oh yes, they are!! And, silly me, I should have just looked at my website. I have his name at the bottom giving him credit for the cards! He did a fabulous job!

These are all such great ideas!  Thank you so much for sharing!  I put them together and created my own posters for the ClassCraft Shop for my fourth graders.  

Thank you Arcadia Parson, Iñaki Ibargoyen Vergara, and Daniel Veve for sharing your amazing cards and ideas.

If there is anyone I haven't credited, I am sorry!  There are so many great ideas on these community pages and I tend to get lost!


I've put all of what I've created in this folder.  

I made a Google form for my store. To make it a part of Classcraft, I made a quest with only 2 stops to get the the store.

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