Book Club Quest

I created this quest to be completed in 8th grade reading over the course of 2 weeks. They will have 15 minutes a day in class in order to read silently and work on the 3 preparation tasks. Then at the end of the 2 weeks, they will participate in a book club where they all share about their different books. What do you think?

I really love it! It's a great story, and it seems like an enjoyable way to have them read and put together information on a book outside of class. 

One thing I noticed...under the Researching the Details task, the spacing is really weird on my end.

Otherwise, flawless! :) Great job, Amanda!

This was an excellent quest! Thank you for sharing.

I'm a french teacher, it's a very good quest. I love it. Thank you.

Natalea, I love this idea of using Classcraft for virtual book clubs!  I realize that you are using it as a component of balanced literacy during class.  You have inspired me to do something with our state book nominees.  I really think this would be perfect for my 3-5 graders.  I can create it in such a way that would have them all in the same quest, but they could be discussing one nominated book.  It also invites them to participate in multiple book discussions!  I have some work to do.  

This is terrific! I tried something similar using games.

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