[Solved] Customizing a Simpler Version of Classcraft?

Hey all, so I'm considering using Classcraft in my university English Conversation Class, however, the course will only take place over 8 weeks. Considering we don't have that much time, I'm not sure if it's worth going through or whether I or my students will even have enough time to create characters, gain points, develop powers, etc. Before watching the webinar, I hadn't realized that each student could be a different character and thus has different AP, HP etc. and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Has anyone used Classcraft in a more simple way? I suppose I like the idea of gaining points, the Wheel of Destiny, putting them in groups, and random events, but don't know if I can really delve into the rest of it. I'm essentially trying to find a middle ground between ClassDojo and Classcraft if that makes any sense. 


I start class on Monday so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

You can now try Classcraft Lite for a lighter experience with fewer features. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the waters of gamification. Because students don't have characters in this mode, you can worry less about details like gear and powers, and instead focus on features that will drive engagement for your whole class.

Learn more here: https://help.classcraft.com/hc/en-us/articles/360037763613-Classcraft-Lite-Mode

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Well, I bet that the students will be able to pick it up quickly since they're older. Here's some ideas about how you could get the most out of it:

  • Email the students before the first class to create their characters and read up on the rules.
  • Group them into teams ahead of time as well
  • Maybe create a google hangout chat for each team to collaborate?
  • Lower the amount of XP students need to level up. I would set it to be about 200 per class period per week. So if you met once a week, 200 to level up. Twice a week would be 400, and so on. This way they can level up very quickly. This customization is in the bottom left of the screen in the settings.
  • Assign all XP at the end of class, so they don't level up during class and get distracted. :)
  • Use quests so that students can level up outside of class.

Hope this helped! I'm really enjoying it, and I know I'd have loved it in college. 


These are great ideas! Thanks for your response!


Hi Genesis,

I think Amanda had great suggestions! :)

You can also check out this article: Can I play Classcraft for 1-2 months?

You can definitely use CC in shorter classes.   I teach 14 week, 7 week, 6 week, 5 week, and 3 week classes and use the game in ALL of them.   And all of the shorter terms are online, so I don't even see those students FTF.  

What I've done is created some screen cast videos showing students how to play.  Classcraft has a lot of videos, but most are geared towards the teacher with the expectation that they will then use that information to introduce the game in person.  Mine are directed straight towards the students.  

It's easy to do screencasts with free software like Flashback Express or Screencast-o-Matic and a $15 headset mic (though you'll get better sound if you spring for a $60-70 snowball microphone - it's worth it if you plan to do a lot of videos).  

I also use low-stakes assignments as part of my Intro Unit that are worth a few points and ask students to learn their first power and explain their powers to their teammates.   That way I know they've read/watched info about the game and tried it out already from the beginning!

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