Sharing my quests with school administration?

This is my 3rd year using Classcraft (urban middle school, English language arts). I love the new features and updates, especially the volume meter and quests.

Does anyone know of any way to export the contents of quests I've written to a printable document like Word/Excel?  I would take and print screenshots, but it is a lot!

At  the minimum I would need just the name, the "story," and the "task" descriptions in order, so that I can attach these to my lesson plans.  Right now, I just briefly describe and name the quests in my plans and I feel like this doesn't really show the thought and effort I put in to them.  More importantly, an administrator would not see how much I'm doing for my students with the quests if they don't see the specific activities, task descriptions, and the progression thereof.

If anyone can help, let me know.


you could make a student account or parent account for fake stuent for the admin.

Have you found a way? I would like to be able to print so that I could more easily edit as the intercase isn't friendly for people with vision issues. 

Hi Susan,

That's a great question! Currently, it is not possible to print Quests, although I can certainly understand how this could improve Classcraft!

To be completely honest, we don’t have any immediate changes for this planned in the near term, but I do want to note your request to make sure it gets to our Product team. Understanding your Classcraft needs and use cases like this is really important to us, and we do track all of your feedback in order to improve the product.

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