Grant Proposal

I am applying for a grant in my district to fund classcraft in my classroom. Has anyone had any experience with this and resources they could share about it? Any input helps! 



I am currently running a project through PledgeCents to raise money for Classcraft school-wide; it's not something that will get you a grant, but in the past two days I've shared it with friends and family on social media and my project has already raised almost $500!

Hey, Lindsay!

Just dropping by to say: Hi, and that's so awesome!!! Congrats on raising that much already! You ROCK. :-)

Good luck on reaching your goal!


Interested in writing a grant for Classcraft in my district, or even just on my campus, if that's an option. Where do I even begin? No grant writing experience at all. I don't normally do anything associated with school fundage, but I seriously want Classcraft for everyone!!!

Hi Jerilyn,

I will put you in contact with our grant specialist.

Expect an email from us soon :)


I just attended another Middle School Conference/Professional Development. With every discussion about SEL, Technology, Restorative Justice... I was reminded of how CLassCraft is able to seamlessly integrate into any content area and enhance the classroom environment. While I have only used CC with Middle School students...I can imagine most other grade levels would benefit from Gamification as well.

I pay for ClassCraft out of my own pocket, so being able to find funding for my classroom subscription would be the cherry on top of a perfectly crafted sundae.

Any suggestions appreciated...

Mahalo & Aloha.🌸🌴

Hi Sarah,

I have notified our grant specialist and they should contact you soon via email.


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