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Just to get an idea... in average, how long does it take for your students to level up? I think I might not be generous enough with the XP... I still have many students in level 3 or 4, after 5 months of Classcraft... with only 3 months and a half left they will never get to the higher level.

Thanks for your input.

I give my students 100 XP daily for "Being Positive and Hard-Working in Class". At that rate, they should level once every 2 weeks with NO OTHER FACTORS. Of course, they  do level faster than that but none will ever hit the 18 level where they can have all powers. This way, they always have something to look forward to and grow towards. But I also teach my students for about 85 days of instruction, minus exams. So that's levels 8.5 with no extra XP from powers, events, boss battles, etc.

I also give my students about 100 XP per day for "Being Positive and Hard-Working in Class." In our 36 week instructional schedule, about 1 level per 2 weeks is a good average for students to hit level 18 by the end of the school year. Some may hit it earlier, for many extra things, and some may not hit level 18 at all if they are simply not performing behaviors that earn XP. I also have students who are still low levels, but considering that they may be absent often, not working in class when they are here, or not using their Powers, being at a low level seems appropriate.

I have some students who are still Level 6 after 5 months and some that are level 12. A lot of it has to do with how they interact with the game. I also offer XP a lot for random assignments, games, etc. I frequently have mini-competitions where XP is a reward. Usually not enough to level up, but always more than a days worth of XP.

Thank you all for your answers. I do give 100 XP for being positive and hardworking in class, but I teach special education and many of my students have behavior issues and do not get it very often. I give them 60 XP each time they finish a worksheet, but for many of them, finishing one worksheet can take days. They don't get homework I can reward them for, nor do they get tests or exams. They get XP for games and for helping putting up the chairs at the end of the days, for example. I think I have to be more generous and give them more XP for their participation in class discussion or maybe when they make the effort of speaking French (I'm a FSL teacher).

It seems like you are definitely on the right path, Lyne. It definitely wouldn't hurt to be generous with XP for behaviors and actions that you want to encourage, especially if you feel it would be beneficial.

Don't be afraid to be generous with the rewards at first. Why not? 

I teach younger grade level students. I have found it necessary to give XP on most of the morning Events so most or all of the students at least get something for a random event that took away some hit points or action points. I also give points for Clean Cubbies/Desks at the end of the day and "Being Positive and Hard-Working in Class."

If you want to make it easier to level you can change the settings by clicking ... at the home button, then go to settings, then rule changes. What I did was I had to play with it for a while to find the perfect niche. I figured out on average how much xp I give during the day and then I multiplied that by 30 (days of the month) then I saw how many levels they would have grown. What level would they be at the end of the year? My other suggestion like others is give xp more generously. 

Can we set how many XP a student needs to level up? Trying to see what the level up settings are as I am using levels to equate to grades.



I believe you can change the XP needed in the settings and then game rules. However it will only let you set at an amount that is the same. For example to get to level 2 it takes 1000 XP, the same amount would be for level 3 and so on.

got it!  Thanks :)

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