[Solved] Parent Communication

I was wondering if the messages sent to parents get sent directly to their email? One of my parents is saying they either have to check the app or log on to the website to see what I posted. Is this true? If it is, is there  a way my parents could get the messages sent directly to their personal email they signed up with? That would be so helpful with parent communication.


Hi, Alyssa!

Parents will receive an email notification if they've checked "Please send me email notifications when I receive new direct messages" in their profile.

Thank you! I appreciate all your help!


Hi Alyssa,

I'll investigate and get back to you! Thanks for letting us know about this.

Hi Alyssa,

We've run a few tests on our end, and everything appears to be working correctly: The email notification is being sent 5 minutes after the message has been sent, but only if the parent hasn't checked their Messaging tab in classcraft within those 5 minutes.

Is it possible the email notification is being filtered as spam? Are all parents having issues, or only some of them? Thanks!

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