Delayed Damage

I have noticed that students only seem to protect others from damage when it is listed at the top of my teacher damage queue (i.e., it is delayed damage that is in color at the top of my queue). I have not seen anyone protect other students that are lower in the queue. Are students only able to see team members in danger of losing AP if it is at the top of the teacher's queue, or are they able to see all of the potential damage that their teammates can take in the entire delayed damage queue? 

You're right.  Students can only protect students that are at the top of the delayed damage queue.

Hey Classcraft team!  This is a broken feature.  Quite often, the student that needs the help isn't the one at the top of the queue, and their teammates can't do a darn thing about it until they are the ones at the top of the queue.  For instance, if a teammate is about to die (fall in battle), but has 2 other teammates before them on the delayed damage queue that won't die from the incoming damage, they have a problem.  They have a doomed teammate, and possibly cant save them due to lack of AP.  So they die, and the whole team takes damage again.

Students need to be able to choose which teammate to help, regardless of their position in the delayed damage queue.

Of course, there are work-arounds, but we shouldn't have to deal with work-arounds for something this simple.  This seems like it should be an easy fix for any decent programmer.

I also find this extremely annoying.  Please fix it so that you can protect anyone in your group, regardless of where they are in the cue.  Also if the whole class takes damage the same problem comes up. I filled out a help ticket on this before and the answer I got back was, "We're not going to fix this problem.   Just do it with the class step by step."   I found that to be a very unsatisfactory answer.

I agree.  I'm posting here, in hopes that a fix can be found.  You'd think a variable assigned to same-team member profiles could be used to determine eligible players for power usage.  I'd even take it if they could make everyone eligible annd then we gamemasters would limit by team. 

Hi Everyone,

We understand your concerns about the delayed damage queue. This is a conversation we need to have about the chronological importance of damage loss.

I will send the thoughts you expressed in this thread to our decision makers in order to discuss them!

Thank you very much for your input :)

+1 from our school, same problem here. We have to go through all queued events with the whole class. We would prefer to communicate a deadline to the students to make their decisions. But this is simply not possible, because they can only decide for the first event of their team.

Btw: Even if all of them click "pass", the queue only goes forward, when the teacher clicks.

This can be timeconsuming for the teacher OR frustrating for the student. I would appreciate an update about this.

Other than that, its an excellent tool!

I agree with everyone here. Sometimes a student that needs protection at the bottom of the list won't get that protection because of everyone else at the top of the list taking damage and then having their team lose Health Points because of that damage.

I'm wondering if the "We're not going to fix this problem. Just do it with the class step by step." comment is a programming problem or a philosophical problem. Either way, if it can't or won't be fixed, it would be nice to know WHY.

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