Getting stale...

I've been using CC in all of high school history classes this year. Now that the term is nearly 2/3 finished, I've found it's getting kind of stale. The daily events have all been repeated, I've added a few more, the students who are interested in using their powers do, and the frequent restroom users no longer care about the loss of Hp. I'm trying to think of lesson plans where I can weave cc in more in depth. Has anyone done anything like this?

I had a similar experience where my students began to become complacent with their progression in CC alongside our learning objectives. I went a bit radical and began to introduce new concepts like exchanging experience and gold for very unique rewards (extra credit opportunities, out right exemptions from minor grades, excused "library days", and even a ticket forcing me to bring donuts or other comparable treats to class for them. I also began hosting after school study sessions with extra boss battles for more lucrative awards. This has seen a revitalization of interest in CC and it has the benefit of keeping them engaged in the classroom!

One thing I did (and it was a little time consuming) was I made a Choose Your Own Adventure using Google Forms. I'm a music teacher, so I wove in questions about subject matter and gave them deep thought/critical thinking questions when they reached the end of their tale. I then gave the incentive of spinning a "Wheel of Classcraft prizes" for trying the whole thing again with a different outcome.

Hello Sam - appreciate the music section you also created as I am a music teacher as well.  Do you have any of those "choose your own adventure" google forms you would be willing to share with me?  Would love to see the type of ideas you are putting together.    

I am brand new to all this and I am seriously considering this for the next school year.  (I posted questions on the other section you created)


Sorry I haven't responded. I get my classcraft e-mails filtered through my school e-mail and I was essentially disconnected from those over the summer. The Choose Your Own Adventure was something I made kind of unique and from scratch (and it was slightly hastily thrown together), but I'm happy to direct you to some of the sources I used for inspiration:

Hope that helps!


Thanks for the links, I will be sure to look at them.   Glad you took a break from school.  Have a great year.


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