[Solved] Beginning Quests

 I attempted to use a quest today, however students were unable to get past the introduction. I was unable to push them forward on my end and they could not move forward on their own. Has anybody encountered this and have advice for me? Thank you!

I was having a similar issue, turned out I had my objectives linked incorrectly to each other.  I had them too close together so I didn't notice that my links were backwards.  I'd check that first!

Hi Kelly,

Looking into your account, I noticed the path between your introduction and the first objective is backward (the arrow points to the introduction, instead of the other way around).

That's in your BB3G class. Once that's fixed, students should be able to move on to the next objective. If you're still experiencing issues, please contact support@classcraft.com. Thanks!

Hey Anne How do you get the Multi-class Icon to pop up?

It hasn't been popping up for me and i need it for one of my students

Hi Monica,

I have a few questions for you so I'll create a ticket. You can expect to receive an email from Classcraft!


I am having a similar issue in that I cannot get my students past the introduction on a teacher shared quest created by Arcadia Parson that I imported into my Master Daily Events class. (EXTRA XP SIDE QUESTS) I have created a student account ( it is called GameMaster as I wanted to have an avatar) and added myself to that course so that I can see quests from a student's point of view.  My arrows aren't backwards, but I can't push my "trial student" on past the Introduction.  It sounds exactly like what Kelly was experiencing, but I have checked my arrow and they don't seem to be backwards. 

Hi Kim, 

Glad we were able to get to the bottom of this together via a ticket today, and that everything is resolved now :)

Hope you have a great day!


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