Classcraft and Homeroom

Is anyone using Classcraft for a non-academic class? I have a homeroom/Advisory that meets every morning and during one afternoon. I am wondering what kind of customization I could do for their rules and powers (like using a notecard on a test, etc.) since a lot of the presets wouldn't really work for them. 

I'll have to look into that. Any favorites that you like? 

For Advisory, I still have implemented Classcraft. But, I was thinking about losing HP for things like

  • being late
  • being negative
  • forgetting to bring in a required form or item
  • leaving a mess
  • talking when Gamemaster is talking 

Earning XP for 

  • helping your classmates (reminding them of a test, helping them with a math problem, etc.)
  • reading the announcements
  • being positive and encouraging
  • going above and beyond
  • being a leader- inside of outside of the classroom

Earn gold for

  • attending a school event (sports, play, etc.)
  • exhibiting school spirit
  • engaging the community, completing community service/volunteer hours

So, just a few of the things that I was thinking of. When are you thinking of launching Classcraft with them? 



I'm working on setting up an advisory class too. Have you thought of anything? How about asking your students what they think?

I just spent a couple hours nerding out over suggested customizations in other threads to do this. I found a bunch of options that were unrelated to classroom content, and used those.

I've launched, and it's been a lot of fun so far. I particularly like the quests! I told them it's a work in progress, but they still enjoy it.

Oh cool! What are you doing for the Quests? 

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