Quests from the Students' Side

I created a quest that I am pretty proud of, but I wanted to see how it would work on the students' end. I logged in as a test/dummy student to work my way through the test on one computer while I used another computer to okay their progress and unlock their next objective.

What I noticed was that while logged in as a student, I could click on the map locations, read the story and the task, upload an assignment, post on the discussion thread... all the things the student is supposed to be able to do, but then I couldn't move on unless I clicked out to the student menu or class view or gear or pets or something. There's an X on the top right, but clicking it doesn't do anything. It didn't seem like this was the intended way of doing it, so I thought I'd mention it in case there was a bug.


I'm trying to figure out how students, logged in with their account, can access the quest on a tablet (we don't have laptops or PC, just tablets) 

I don't see the quest button on the left side of the app.... I hope it can be fixed, otherwise I won't be able tu use quest in class

I tried what you said, when logged in to a student account on my PC and I can move on from the intro to the next step and so forth, clicking the X works for me.

Hope it helps



I also create my first quest, saved it and clicked buttons to make it available to students.  They cannot see where to access it.  Is there another step I missed?

Hi Leita,

In their own accounts, students can find the same "map" icon that appears in your teacher account. If you've made your quest visible, they will see it there.

What happens when they click the map icon on their left sidebar? Please let us know!

So.....they are not able to access quests from the ap?  If not, I hope that changes soon!

Hi Rachel,

At the moment, Quests aren't available on the app, but we'll be adding them in the future!

In the meantime, students can use the browser on their device (e.g. Safari on iPad) to access Quests.

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