[Solved] Quest Not Progressing

Students are unable to progress in quests. It tells me that I have to manually approve their progress because they are "past the due date" but I have the due date set for 5 Sept 17, and it's only 24 Aug 17. So they aren't past the due date.

Hi Brighid,

For the moment, the teacher always has to approve the students' progress. The objective isn't automatically completed when students turn in their assignments.

Hope this helps!

This is quite of a hassle.... when we have 320 students and having to approve the quest progression manually.  We have plenty of things to spend our time on....

Especially when they are all progressing at a different rate so I end up having to check the quest log several times a day to see whom I can move forward.

Brighid and Jean-Philippe, 

Rest assured your feedback is shared with the team! Thank you.

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