[Solved] Pets not working

My students cannot complete their missions once their pet has completed it within the app.  They have to log in on my computer to do so which is problematic for me.  So I think that the app is not working in that aspect of the game.

Hi Justin,

We'll be releasing a new version of the app in the next few weeks. This bug will be resolved.

Thanks for your patience!

Out of my many students I have only one student that wasn't given a pet upon signing into my class. How can I help her get the pet?

Thank you.


Hi Christine,

Students can receive a pet when their parents sign up for a parent account.

If they've played Classcraft previously, they can also access the pets they had fully trained during that time (with Premium).

Hope this helps!


I received the following message from a student and am not sure how to help her:


We are using the free version and I'm not sure how she can "activate" or use her pet. 

Hi, Genesis!

Pets are a Premium feature, so students shouldn't be able to access the "Pets" section of their account if you're using the Free version.

Is it possible that this student is playing Classcraft with another teacher using Premium?


some of my students report that their android app is showing multiple pets at once. One student had 2 fully trained pets and 1 in progress. When the bug appeared, they multiplied by 3, as seen in the screenshot.

Can you help us solve the problem?

Thanks in advance, best regards,

Vincent-Till Märtig

Hi Vincent,

My colleague, Martina, tells me she has been in contact with you by email about this situation. Please do let us know at support@classcraft.com if you need more help with this situation.

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