[Solved] Student Points

 Is there a way to reset my students points and levels?

Hi Theodoros,

The easiest way would be to create a new class. You can import your class settings (powers, behaviors, sentences, etc.) so it's virtually the same as your current class. When importing students from the Student Database, you can choose between "Archive All Characters" and "Connect with Multi-class." If you archive their characters, they'll have to create a new avatar. This way, their points and levels will be reset.

I just started using this game this past week with 2 of my rowdier classes to try it out. I love it so far, and so do my students. I like the Gamefeed, but I'm wondering if there's a way that a history can be available, even just to the teacher and maybe that certain student, of past actions in the classroom. So for example, if I pulled up John Smith under the "Players" tab, I'd be able to see that he lost 5 HP on Monday for talking out of turn, 10 HP Tuesday for being off task, etc. He'd be able to see this too, as well as any powers he used, powers other teammates have used on him, or XP gained. I feel like this feature would be beneficial for tracking student behavior - both good and bad.

Hi, Lauren!

This is the information our Analytics track. Analytics are a Premium feature, and at the moment they're available to the teacher, not the student. They track behavior individually and in relation to the class average.

In the Free version, only the game feed tracks that information.

Hope this helps!

Hi there!

I have here the same question. How can we reset the class so that they all start from scratch? Since it is the first time my students are using Classcraft, some of them have already lost points and we haven´t even started officialy. I know I could create new classes and import settings and students, but that would be quite tedious taking into account the amount of classes I have created. Isn´t there a RESET POINTS button somewhere? ;) 

Thanks in advance.


Hi Daniel,

There's no reset button, but I see your students only lost some Action Points (AP) for using their powers. You can let it regenerate for a small amount every day in the "Game Rules" section of your class settings, or you can use the white -/+ button on the "Class" view of your game dashboard to fully replenish their AP.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot. That will do.



I have one student who hacked another student's profile and gave them -9999999999999999999 points. I am trying to just add positive points, but it is not changing their points. How do I reset just her GP to get her back to 0.

Thank you!

Hi Miss Gianni,

Well, that's not playing fair. 😟

Although I'm not sure how this happened, I'd like to have a quick look at your account with you and speak one-on-one. Even if a student did gain access to another student's account, they would not be able to add or remove any points.

I'm creating a support case from your forum post so we can figure this out together. You should expect to receive an email from support@classcraft.com soon!

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