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The classroom content check box says it will be discontinued after this academic year. This is a key feature that I utilize for homework, extra credit assignments, and classroom notes. I was wondering if they plan on adding a feature that is similar to the current one (just updated/revamped) or if this type of usage will no longer be available entirely? 

Hi Mr. Crossley,

The Interactive Class Content is being replaced by Quests, which integrate all the features of our old LMS and more.

Am I missing something? "Quests" seems to have absolutely nothing to do with the Class Discussion. In fact, it seems to very much silo off the students.

Please tell me where the Online Discussions can happen. 

Hi Todd,

When creating a task, you must choose whether to include an assignment, discussion, and reward (just like in the Class Content). If you enable discussions, you can allow students to have a class discussion online about the objective.

Oh no! I used Classcraft the year before last and used it daily to post homework. I just bought it again for this year and got all of the kids signed up only to realize you have to everything through the incredibly unwieldy Quest system. I am so disappointed!

Hi Aaron, 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us here. I understand where you're coming from, but just to be sure, what exactly do you find difficult/hard with Classcraft Quests?

I'm sad to hear that you're disappointed, but I'm really looking forward to your feedback to see how we can make things better. 


I will admit when I was first told that Quests would be everything that Classroom Content was and more I was very enthusiastic about the idea. However, when Quest was released I was slightly disappointed as well. Quests are completely different from Classroom Content. Classroom Content was an easy way to organize updates, homework, and give out rewards for assignments. It was an easy to use organizer for the teachers and the students. I understand what Quests is trying to accomplish but the fact remains that it is not as malleable as Classroom Content was. It also takes up so much time to create each part of the journey for the students. This is time that most educators do not have. Quests are something I would use for an upcoming project, presentation, or maybe even a research assignment. But to make a quest for every single lesson for every subject, that would be a ridiculous amount of time. Not to mention the upkeep you would have ensuring each Task Pin was organized enough so it wouldn’t look like a jumbled up board of connect the dots.  I am sure the load on your servers and the memory storage for Classroom Content was huge and I can understand why it might not be feasible for your company to pull  that off at this time, but I don’t think Quests should be marketed as an upgrade to Classroom Content, because it is a completely different product.

Andrew Turk-

I can't say it any better than Mr. Crossley just did. To reiterate, Quests are extremely time consuming to put together and don't fit with many assignments I just want to share with the class. I will not be using Quests this year and will sadly be relying on Google Classroom to share assignments. For $100/year I really wish I had the simple option to just post an assignment...it's really silly that I can't. And no, the existing library of shared quests is not helpful. Definitely won't subscribe again next year and I'm still waiting for my refund for this year that I was promised by Classcraft's Support Chat.

I agree with Mr. Crossley. Every time I have to create a new assignment, I have to go through the process of making up a new Quest. What if I just want to give a simple independent assignment and nothing else?

We hear your plea for different ways to create assignments within Classcraft.

We have sent your feedback to our developers and they will explore different options to improve our platform in the future :)

Thank you very much for your input!

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