Please Add a Classcraft Store

I know Jared posted something about this 5 months ago. It would be great to have a way for kids to spend their gold on other things besides armor within the Classcraft UI.

I currently have a storefront on a different website and sell things like candy, stickers, and free time vouchers. It would be great if it was integrated into CC. As it is now I have to manually subtract the gold and give the item.

I attended a webinar where they said this feature was in progress. I'm not sure how much progress they have made on implementing it though.


We've made progress toward adding a store, and I would tentatively slate it for this fall. :-)

Excited....looking forward to it for my students.

Oh my gosh I am so excited....

I sell a 50% health potion in our makeshift store to boost students health after they have fallen in combat. It is expensive but allows them a modicum of health as we do numerous boss battles as part of our class routine.

Hi Anne-Marie Ménard,

Do you have any update about the online store release date and what we could expect to get in it? 

I agree there is not much time left in 2017 and I know you guys mentioned it was coming this fall. Has there been a delay? 

Can someone from Classcraft give us an update on the classcraft store release date?  


Thank you.

Hey, everyone!


It's Andrew from Classcraft. We're still hard at work on the Classcraft store. No fixed release date just yet, though. 





It would be great to have it in time for Christmas so that students can spend their gold on a reward before the next quarter. 

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