New Quest Engine unlocking

How can students claim their rewards and move on to the next mission?  I don't have to manually check off each reward for each kid for each mission, do I?

I can't seem to find anyway that students can work along a chain of tasks on their own without my intervention...

If this IS the case, PLEASE add some way for us to make it possible for students to claim their own tasks through one or more of the following:

-allow us to add a 'claim task' button in the text manually (better yet, allow us to add both pass and fail buttons - with customizable labels - so students can put themselves on the remediation track if they need it.)

-Allow an 'auto' link in addition to the check and X link types.  This type would mark the task as done if the student views it.

-If the task contains a video, allow it to mark the task as done if the video reaches the end (this would be even better if we can disable the ability to scan in the video so they can't skip to the end.)

 -allow us to create a link which claims it as complete to whichever student is logged in (and which we can create QR codes to.)

-allow us the ability to mark the task as complete if they comment.

-It may make sense to have a separate tab called something like 'victory conditions' where we can check off 'auto pass' possibilities and if they are all left unchecked then it has to be done manually.

As it stands right now, the system will create way to much work for me and keep the kids from going on a learning binge when they are in the zone. I would like to be able to have students claim minor assignments on the honours principle in some fashion or other.

P.S. BTW, I love the look and feel of the quest engine.  Just the one change of allowing students to claim rewards like the legacy content system will make it almost perfect for my needs.

Hi Jared,

Thanks for your feedback!

Quests are still in beta, and we're of course looking for comments and suggestions from teachers in order to make the feature even more awesome and useful.

At the moment, it's as you said: It's not possible for students to automatically claim a reward and move on to another objective by themselves. That being said, I will pass all of your suggestions along to the team.

The same tab could have an option to make the quest repeatable to address Jeffrey Leathem's needs too.


Yes, I'm in agreement that a feature that allows students to move along to the next task once they complete one without me checking it off every time would be very helpful.

I love the suggestions above. Another possibility is to have a self grading quiz feature. The task may be to watch a video or read an article, then correctly answer questions. If they pass, they go down one path and fail, they go down another.

Yes, please!  It's very difficult for me to keep up with 155 students and approving all of their tasks.  The kids will just sit there waiting until I tell them the next task or have a chance to approve their previous one.  I love these ideas!

In the meantime, I'm considering letting students go up to my iTV and mark themselves done as they finish.

I made my first Quest yesterday for a senior high class.  The students loved playing the game.  I agree that the students need a way to progress on without my constant attention.  I would like the ability to monitor some things closer than others.  I know this is a journey which we will make better by with suggestions from all involved.  I do not game, but my students love it so much that I am willing to pay for it with my money and work to make it happen for them.  Thanks so much for everything so far.  I can't wait to share Quests with other teachers.

Yes! Auto-complete needs to be a thing. I sent my juniors home with a section of the quest as homework, but I'd like to have those kids that want to move forward be able to do so on their own. So far, they seem to love it, but it is a lot of work for me.

Hi, everyone!

We're currently working on the autocomplete feature. :-)

Can you tell me if that autocomplete feature is now active?

Hi Yolanda,

It is absolutely active! :)

Would it be possible to add unlock conditions for quests?


1. Unlocked when ANY arrow gets to it (the current default I believe - allows either a normal or remediation path to allow Ss to continue)

2. Unlocked when ALL arrows are completed (allows for branching and reintegration of different fields of study... and therefore a more 'open world' feel.)

3. Always unlocked (good for things like ESL resources and things off in the margins of the map that you want available from the get-go.)

4. Always unlocked but invisible (good for things you want to manually send kids to as part of a lesson - or in my case, by QR codes embedded in the bottom of a breakoutEDU-style lockbox.)

The latter two would have to make all kids names show up on the teacher page for checking off and allow students to check them off themselves if autocomplete is turned on.  (Currently, the autocomplete button is grayed-out if a student get to a quest they haven't unlocked.)

I hope I've made myself clear... I'm under the weather today and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders...


Hey, Jared!

I gotcha' loud and clear. :) 

Adding these extra unlock conditions to the suggestions master-list. To be honest, these sound really cool and I'd love to see things like this implemented in Quests!  

I like the idea of self-paced quests, but I don't like that the students automatically go down the green path. My preference would be to have self-correcting quizzes as a task option. For example, if they get x number of questions correct, they go down the green path. Fail to do so, it's the red path.

Is this idea in the works? I want quests to be fully automated, so that after I set them up, kids go on the appropriate paths based on their responses without my intervention.

Hey, Josh! 

I think that's a super great idea, and to my knowledge, something similar is currently on the table for where we're looking to take things with Quests. Stay tuned!


I do unit quest for math. It would be nice to be able to connect different quests, when they complete all the tasks in one quest then another open.

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