[Solved] iOS App Assignments

How do assignments work in iOS app?  There does not seem to be a way to turn them in or to download files to their google drive.

Hi James,

Students can't turn in assignments via the mobile app. As for the possibility to download files, I'll have to get back to you on that. Thanks for your patience!

Hi James,

Our next iOS update will make it possible to download files from the Interactive Class Content.

Thanks for your patience!

I'm going to turn Mr. Cleland's question into a feature request. Do allow the mobile applications to take photos and upload them for assignment submission or as an attachment in threaded post.

For two reasons:

1) Students have the option of completing their assignments on paper and pen, and still submit it online, and getting the on-time rewards.

2) Students can upload images of produced artefacts, which stimulated discussion over these resources.

It is going to make any teacher's work a whole lot easier.



I agree! 

It would be soooo much better to be able to upload from the app!

Couldn't agree more! This makes our teachers' life easier.

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