[Solved] student became teacher and can´t login



we created an student account using email, then they become teacher, but when login always redirects to student, is there a way to change this? 

Hi Luis,

My colleague Mélysa followed up with you in a ticket. :-)

Thanks Anne-Marie

The same situation happened with me. I had logged onto a student computer with my account and forgot to log out. So my student created her profile with my account. Now each time i log in its a student

Hi Marina,

I'll create a ticket in order to ask you a few questions. You can expect to receive an email from Classcraft in a few minutes!

I have a student who's accidently logged as a teacher. Now whenever he tries to log it it's a teacher screen on his desktop. How can this be fixed?


Michelle Angulo

I also have a student who has a teacher account.  She has no idea how it happened, but she probably did not log out of a computer then a teacher used that computer.  Please help to fix this.  Thank you!

Hi Samantha,

It would be a pleasure to help you out with this issue. I have just created a case for you in our tickets system. We will reach out to you soon for more information and get this resolved for you and your student as soon as possible! 


Joshua Nyamayedenga is a student.  He is logged in here as a teacher.  I would like his account deleted.  How do we do that?


Hi there, 

I'm sorry to hear that one of your students mistakenly created a Classcraft teacher account. Although we do not delete teacher accounts ourselves, you can always delete the account from the My Profile page of that account.  

Hope this helps! Please let me know if you need anything else!

Hi, I'm a teacher and my own child came home with her own classcraft parent instructions.  Can I log in to hers and mine?  Meaning do I have to use multiple emails or can I just somehow login with my current email?

Hey, Christina!

That's so awesome! You're a Classcraft teacher and your child is also using Classcraft! :)

Right now, you will be needing another separate Classcraft (parent) account, with a separate email address in order to connect with your daughter. We are aware of this situation happening, and the team is currently looking at options. 

Something I could suggest is to create your second Classcraft account using the same email address, but adding a "+parent" at the end, but before the "@domain.com". What that will do is create a separate, second account for you, but all emails will be going to your main email address. 

Hope this helps!

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