[Solved] Random events not auto applying?

I've noticed since this semester started for my team, the random events are not auto applying.

In the image, the bottom is the stats before I did a random event, the top shows the stats after and the random event.  both warriors should be at 5 hp if I understand how that works.  However I'm not sure if it something I set up wrong or an actual bug. 

Hi, Stephanie!

If you're doing random events from the Web app (which seems to be the case), the effects should be applied automatically. Could you let me know which browser you're using?


Yes, I do use the web app version and the browser is chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m (64-bit)

Hi Stephanie,

Our dev team examined your account, and everything seems to be working properly. It's possible you didn't apply the effect (there are a few clicks involved). On the first screen, you have to click "Next." On the second screen, the event appears in the game feed, but the effect hasn't been applied yet: you must click on the "Apply" button at the bottom of the screen (if a lot a players are targeted, you'll have to scroll down). Then, you'll have the "Batch Damage" window, where you'll choose between applying and delaying damage.

Let me know if it's not the case, and we'll investigate further!

Ah, I never saw a 'next' button. I had to set my zoom to 75% to get it to show up.  Apparently 100% with a 1366x768 resolution means I cant see the button.   I will test with the next event on Thursday.   Thank you.

Hi Stephanie,

Ah, I see! Changing the zoom setting will work, but you should also be able to click on the scroll and scroll down to see the whole text.

I spoke to some one on  chat today about the random events.  The scroll does shows everything, but the effect.  I am using GoogleChrome.  This is taking much longer than I expected it to take to set up.  Please help me.



Hi Terri,

Thank you for your comment! I'd love to be able to help you in a more 1-on-1 setting. I've created a support ticket and will reach out to you shortly. 

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