[Solved] Can classmates heal etc from the teacher's login?

Hi, I intend to implement Classcraft for my year 5/6 class but am not completely clear on how this works? If a player is about to die I see how a classmate can protect etc but if a teammate is low on health does their teammate need to login to their account to heal them? or can they simply do it from my account? 

Basically apart from the initial set up and maybe weekly time to upgrade gear etc my student can't really login to their accounts regularly (we have poor wifi).

We have limited computers and I will have my PC constantly hooked up to the projector.  Thanks!

They can use any powers from your account.  However, what I would do is use the delayed damage option, then tell the students to log in at home and apply whatever powers they want to use.

Hi, Adam!

Douglas is perfectly right: you can use all powers for your students via your teacher account. Another way to deal with a poor wifi connection would be to delay damage. That would allow students to use their powers at home. You can read more on the subject here!

I would do this when I need to reset AP in the morning. We are not a 1:1 school so, I have 2 computers open with my account on opposite sides of the room. I call it the healing station. I designate what tables or groups to go where to heal. 

Very cool, Bobby!

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