Students who change class periods

What is the best way to move a student from one period of a class to another when they have a schedule change.  She is active In period 3 but has moved to period 2 for this semester and I want to just move her character into my other class list


Hi, Ralph!

To transfer a student completely from one class to another, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your class settings in the new class (eg., Class B).
  2. Click "Add Students" and then click "Student Database."
  3. Select the student you wish to import into the class.
  4. When prompted to archive their character or use Multi-Class, choose the Multi-Class option.
  5. You can then safely remove the student from the old class (eg., Class A).



You're welcome! 😄

How is this done in the new version of Classcraft? Student Database doesn't appear to be an option.

Hi Todd,

We intend to bring back this feature to single teacher licenses soon but for now, moving students from class to class is only possible on a school license.

If you wish to move a student to another class, you will need to create a new account for them. If you have started playing with this student, you may wish to take note of their current progression and give them the necessary amount of Experience points to bring their new character to the same point in the new class.

This is so frustrating!  I have been paying for Classcraft for many years and now I have to do so much work when a student moves class periods because I have an individual license instead of a school license????  So very frustrated...this year has been tough as it is without my Classcraft account being one of the tough things!

Classcraft Staff--Please make the option to move students available to ALL paid accounts ASAP....not just school accounts. I pay for Classcraft out of my own pocket (for several years now) and to not have the ability to move students whose schedules change is simply unreasonable.


Not having this option, is unacceptable if I am paying for this program. I have a single teacher license and want to move a student from one of MY classes to another of MY classes. I should be able to do so without them losing all that they have worked for in MY class. I also pay for this out of my own pocket, and am disappointed that I can not do this.

Please make this change quickly. I agree with all the comments here.

We're switching the sections around after break.  I'm not looking forward to telling the kids switching they have to start their whole character over from scratch.  Fixing it before the new year would be fabulous.

Uggh! I'm in the same boat!

If this isn't changed by next year - along with losing multi-class for kids who take my electives and core classes - I'm going to stop paying for this membership. It's just not worth it when they can suddenly eliminate these features that made it possible for Classcraft to work on a high school level. Even my kids are complaining that the new problems are unfair, and I PAY for this service to be a help, not a hindrance, to my classroom management. 

I echo the above comments. One of my students who is a die-hard Classcraft fan is about to realize all the work she's invested into her quests and character settings are about to be lost when she gets back tomorrow. I also pay for the premium version. 

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to chime in and let you know that we heard your pleas for the ability move students from class to class.

We have completed the designs for this new feature and now need to program and implement it in the platform.

Stay tuned, we hope to be able to provide this feature in a future update!

I am floored that this option was not included in the recent update.

Much like other people, I have been using Classcraft as an individual teacher in my school for over five years. I teach at a high school where nearly a third of my students are moving from one class to another. While they are still my students, the characters are all going to be lost as they are simply moving to another class. 

Why make all of those changes and not include this option?

Please, we need this option, thanks.


Hi! You'll be glad to know that we are currently working on a feature that will allow single license teachers to move students from class to class! 

Learn more here: 

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