Idea Pooling: Incentives

How do you convince your students to go after this with healthy competition? In my last school, I rated by top 5. 4/5 got a lowest vocab test grade dropped; 2/3 got that and a project grade dropped; 1 got it all and a 10 dollar bill from me.

I can't do extra credit for behavior (this counts, I checked), and I can't do money at this school. Or food. Can't give away free food either.


My thoughts:

1. they get seating chart preference for the new seating chart every six weeks, but that doesn't help with the last six weeks. Also, if one person gets a big enough lead the first week, they'll never be not the winner.

2. Free Day?


I'm aiming for one major reward to the winner (as well as the runner ups) at the end of the year. Suggestions?

That is a difficult situation.  Right now, my students are motivated by getting to the next level of the game.  Maybe students would like freetime on technology, ability to listen to music during independent work, line up first to leave class, special seating in the classroom- like the teacher's chair, or a certificate/school recognition of some type.  I teach science so I might let my winners choose a lab or choose to have class outside.  I could play music for the class and let them choose the music or bring in their playlist of school appropriate songs.  I will try to think of more ideas.

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