[Solved] Cannot give HP back

I have tried through player powers, the +/- symbol, random events, and even classroom posts but I cannot seem to give health back to any of my players. Players can't even heal themselves. Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong. Every time I try and type "+" in a point value it wont type. I even tried copy and pasting it in and it wont work.

Hola Senor!

I just tried it myself in a demo class and succeeded by clicking the -/+ button (as opposed to the normal Red "-" HP button) and typing just the number I wanted to add in the HP field. Don't bother putting a "+" sign (my computer actually won't type it either) and it will show that the player gained HP. 

Sorry. I posted too quickly.

The Red "-" is strictly for deducting HP from players, but the White "-/+" button will let you add/subtract whatever you want.

As for players "Healing themselves," they should be able to use Heal providing that someone on their team has taken damage. Are you using the "Deal with Damage Later" button? If so, then picture it like the damage is on hold. They won't be able to heal until someone actually loses the health.

Hi, Señor Papa!

My colleague Mélysa followed up with you via our support chat.

Thanks, Sam, for your help. At the moment, there's actually a bug when trying to restore HP, but it only affects teachers who set at "0" the amount of HP a player has after he falls in battle. The dev team is fixing the issue, but, as a workaround, you can also change this setting back to the default value, "1".

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