Classcraft, ASD and D&D


I am teaching a high school learning strategies class for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. And I have been working on a way to incorporate Dungeons and Dragons role play AND Classcraft into the classroom.

So far I have it down to all of the positive behaviours and completed work that we do in class, translates to Classcraft XP. That Classcraft XP drives the character XP for our Friday D&D sessions (we work on team work, decision making, executive functioning, and social skills via the D&D roleplay - I just don't tell them that. ;) 

If anyone would like to help out, or collaborate or just hear what I've been up to and how I've implemented it at this point, feel free to reply!

This is super interesting, Chris!

We're interested in knowing more about your project if you're willing to share!!

I will share all I can if it means I get some feed back on how to improve!

My students all have IEP's which outline areas of improvement. I have taken those and turned them into quick rewards for XP and gold so that I can reward them on the spot when I notice the (attempted) positive behaviours. 

I have also been using the SEL quest storylines to practice that aspect and rewarding them for their participation in the discussions. Any classwork assigned through google also contributes to their XP, but the behaviours are the big thing for me.

I have a varied collection of students with ASD but the IEPs indicate that there is work to be done in the social cues and social behaviour categories. I kept hearing "roleplay" as a way to practice - but if you've every tried to get high school students to read scripts and roleplay in that capacity, you know it's a torturous failure. I decided to try D&D (I have zero experience with it) as a fun way to engage the students - and even after harsh initial resistance, each one of them has enjoyed creating a character. I picked up the D&D essentials kit and I am playing (practicing how to use) D&D at home with my own kids (9&6). after 2 sessions I feel like I have enough base knowledge of the mechanics of the game to stay a step ahead of my classes.

I have created a story that involves our school being taken over by demonic creatures and will force my classes to get out and explore the physical building as they look for ways to collaboratively solve some of the problems that I throw at them - such as retrieving a sacred spell book form the archives (signing out a specific library book), or delivering an important notice to the guidance secretary.  

My next step will be to create a shop where they can spend their Classcraft gold on items such as armour, weapons, potions and trinkets to use in our D&D sessions.

Eventually - perhaps next year - I would like to put these quests together in an actual Story Quest that I can reload into Classcraft.

That's where I'm at at the moment - it's a bit of a hot mess, but I can see all the pieces there.

oh right - I also picked up some Flat Plastic Miniatures from ArcKnight that my students can use to represent themselves on the different maps that I have drawn up 

I was initially going to use something like Warhammer miniatures, but the flat plastic ones were far more economical.

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