Add and Customize Powers Please

I love what you are creating with Classcraft.  I would love to see it become much more popular across the Miami-Dade school district, but I feel that for this software to be adaptable across different grade levels and school environments, the Powers system as it currently exists needs to be more customizable.  I've watched the videos, and it is repeatedly stressed how important the powers are for motivating students.  I completely agree, but I feel that an appropriate set of powers for a challenged class of 8th graders is going to be very different from those applied to an advanced class 6th graders, or any 4th grade classroom.

Are the creators of this software gamers as well as educators?

From an education perspective, role identity is important but so is adaptability.  From a gamer perspective, more abilities and more choices = more fun. This concept of fostering intrinsic motivation through gaining more abilities and making choices is also repeated frequently in the Classcraft videos.

What would make Classcraft a much better tool:

You could keep the default set up simple and easy for new teachers who just want to casually try something new, but some changes like these would go a long ways towards making the software work much better for many more classrooms.




These are awesome ideas!

We are always looking for more ways to allow customization for advanced users and over the past few months we have delivered quite a few, but the points you bring have not been addressed yet.

I'll send all of this feedback to the wonderful person in charge of shaping our improvements and new features!

Keep your ear to the ground for awesome new elements coming out in the coming months!


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