Crystal Regeneration

I have my classes and powers set up to ideally provide the students with a new crystal every day they come to class. (A/B) Schedule. However, I do not want students to regenerate crystals over the weekend as it ruins the game balance and how they use their powers for in-class benefits. Previously, I have been modifying the settings for my classes every Friday to turn off regeneration... but sometimes I forget. Any way we could get a calendar based regeneration setting?


The calendar could also be implemented in the future for scheduling events/quests/meetings and other things throughout the system.

I realized now this probably belongs in the suggestions/feedback category. Apologies.

This is a very good suggestion. Thank you for sharing your usage of the crystal regeneration, it gives us some awesome insight on what can be improved. I'll send this feedback to our user experience team and we will definitely take it into consideration!

Never hesitate to send feedback like this our way, we love it!


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