Classes not showing up after created


I have created my classes (I was not prompted to pick light or class mode) and when trying to get quests for students, the only classes that show up are Demo and anything I have archived while trying to figure this out. I can see the classes I have created on my homepage, as well as can see the students imported, but when trying to assign quest mode I am unable to pick these classes for the quests to import and be visible for. 

Also, I am unable to see Demo Class anywhere on the homepage except for in the classcraft playground. So, I am unable to click any classes I have created when assigning quests and the only one shown is called Demo, which does not show in my classes on the homepage. 

I am having this same issue!

Same issue for me - I'm guessing, but maybe they have to be in Chapter 2 before you can assign quests?

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