Student Introducer

Where is the Student Introducer to the NEW version? It is not in any of the usual places. 

Hi Derek,

We haven't been able to convert the Introducer feature to the New Classcraft Experience as it required extensive work in order to make the necessary design changes to have it fit the new experience.

Currently, the Chapter 1 introduction video can serve as the student introducer for the early chapters:

Our intention is to guide students into the Classcraft terminology and features via an introductory questline at some point in the future, we are still working on this quest so it is not ready yet, however.

Since the objective, with students who are just starting to play, is to have them go from chapter to chapter with you, you'll see that they are eased into the gameplay mechanics at a pace that is perfect for them to grasp the basics of Classcraft in no time.

Have a wonderful Back to school!

That seems like a ton of work. I don't have time to be creating classcraft lessons in addition to all the other stuff I have to teach. My students are English Learners and the pre-made quests are way too dense for them to understand or for me to translate. This makes me not want to do it this year. It was hard enough last year but now it seems like it will be even harder.

Hi! I'm new and confused...

Is the CLASSIC version actually the NEW version, which is why I don't see the Introduce Student link on my Home page as it's shown in the video?

Is there another way to get to the Introduce Student video?


I really, really love the concept of classcraft but it is still so not user friendly. I have set up my classes and there is no button for the student introducer. I have looked for the video in the teacher resource and I can't find the one for students! 

Hi, when will the student introducer be translated ? The whole website in available in French but all the videos are in English. Unfortunately, my students are not English speakers...


Nos vidéos sont en langue anglaise mais nous avons ajouté des sous-titres aux vidéos afin d'aider les francophones et hispanophones.

Nous travaillons aussi présentement à l'élaboration de vidéos qui présenteront aux élèves les différentes fonctionnalités débloquées à chaque chapitre.

Pour ce qui est du document de présentation aux élèves, nous espérons l'avoir en français aussitôt que possible.

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