New System: Hero Powers

I'd like to see a list of all the Universal Powers, all of the powers unique to each class, and the levels at which each power is unlocked.  I know this can be pieced together through the information in the chapters, but when I go to the Powers tab, the level at which powers are unlocked is not displayed.  Also, I'm not sure if the powers are unlocked in the order in which they are displayed (top to bottom?)  First impression is that isn't likely, unless Heal 1 is the Healer's 4th unlock?

It would be nice if all this info was in one place, is there one place I can find all this info neatly presented?

Seems like it would be an easy fix if the Powers tab was updated with the levels, and put in order.  Perhaps that could be snuck into an update in the near future.

Hi Aaron, 

We do have quality of life updates planned to give more informations to teachers. Currently, the level track is only available on the student side as we believed that was super important motivationaly to include it in Phase 1 of our New Experience release.

So you can see what gets unlocked for your students in the level track. It can be found in the Student view section when you click on their level, I created a screen capture video to guide you in finding this! 

We have awesome improvements coming up, keep your eyes open!

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