Adjustable Class Power Cost

I understand that game/class powers like heal and protect cannot be changed and I understand the reason, but I may request that you can at least change the crystal/AP cost for them in the upcoming update, because in some cases dependent on class size the power is not as useful in small classes.

My main concern is Mana Transfer/Psionic Aura where the mage uses 4 crystals to give each team member a crystal or 7 AP in the old format. Now this makes sense if it is a big class as everyone getting crystal/AP is powerful, but in small classes where a team could be 4-7 people, that could mean only 2/3 non mages get the points and then a large cost of 4 crystals seems unnecessary and unfair, making many of students not wish to choose mage. So I feel the class powers need not be changed, but at least allow teachers to edit their cost.

Please do not simply say make bigger teams as a suggestion, because you do not know the size of each individual teacher's class and classcraft should be for everyone, not just teachers with a large amount of students. Thank you.