It’s LIVE! Time to discover the New Classcraft Experience!

We’re finally able to share the results of a year’s worth of extensive research and dedicated teamwork — and we couldn’t be more excited!

The New Classcraft Experience is now live, and waiting for you to explore it — you just need to migrate your account over first! To do this, simply click on the purple button that says, “I’m ready to switch!” on the right-hand side of your dashboard.

See image below:

If you still have some questions about what to expect before you make the change, have a look at this helpful article.

We’re also offering two free Classcraft 101 PD sessions every week in August and September.

These sessions are designed to ensure you have all the information you need to get started with confidence, no matter your level of technical comfort or familiarity with Classcraft.

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Hope you’re as excited as we are!
The Classcraft team

I noticed there was a setting that allowed having "additional xp needed to level up after 10 levels", but this doesn't seem to be working...

Hi Eric, you have a good eye!

This is something we plan to introduce in a future update, the option seems to have snuck in the Class settings page but is not implemented yet so it doesn't do anything for the moment.

We will let you know when we make it available in the future!

How do we skip the training and set our class at level 4?  (I'm pretty sure we were told this was do-able...)

Hi Jared, In order to be able to deliver the New Classcraft Experience in time for the Back to School, we had to cut this functionality for now.

We intend to bring it back as soon as possible in phase 2 of our release, however!

Currently, you can go only through the setup steps in order to add behaviors, invite your students, etc. and speed your way through the chapters to reach the full experience in Chapter4.

Enjoy your Back to School!

And do I have to go through the training individually for every class in order to unlock quests?  

I want to set them up before the year starts.

We previously had 4 setup steps to complete during class creation.

We have the same steps that need to be completed (Reviewing behaviors, Adding students, creating teams, creating student accounts) but those steps have been placed within the different chapters.

For each of your class, you can simply open the Class progression bar and complete the cards that are highlighted in orange in order to setup your class completely and be able to use it in Chapter 4.

We are currently working on a way to simplify this process for returning users, stay on the lookout for quality of life updates in the coming months.

Please, can I turn off the Chapter 4 progression bar?

Hi Angela,

We are working on removing the progression bar once it is completed in chapter 4. It does require some more work than initially planned, since we need to allow a way for teachers to find the Class progression somewhere else if we remove the bar entirely.

Bear with us a few more weeks, and we’ll get it out of your way once you’ve completed all the Chapter 4 steps!

So I've done everything in Chapter 4 and all of the cards are checked - but it still says that I am "progressing". What am I missing here?

Maybe, in the meantime, the progression bar could be made smaller or moved up to the menu area at the top of the screen? In larger classes, it's really in the way.

I think, in the future, it would be nice for those of us who are already familiar with Classcraft to be able to opt completely out of the tutorial progression. I wanted to dive in and get on with it, because my students and I already know how to use the app. I ended up having go through all of the chapters six times myself (6 separate classes) before students arrived so that I would have class time for instruction in my content area. Even then, Chapter 4 won't go away and the "Class Progression" seems to be taking forever.

Just some feedback: I have been using Classcraft since the beginning. It is a big part of my classroom, and I usually hit the ground running with it on day 1. This update has made the start of the year much more difficult than it should be. Forcing your core users to jump through hoops to do what we always have shouldn't happen.

I have been using Classcraft for four years, and I am hating the Chapters feature.

I think I went through the chapters, but the "Chapter 4 Class Progression" bar is still on my dashboard. How can I make it go away?

This is all getting in the way, and I really don't need the Chapter materials.

We hear you :)

We are working on removing the progression bar once it is completed in chapter 4. It does require some more work than initially planned, since we need to allow a way for teachers to find the Class progression somewhere else if we remove the bar entirely.

Bear with us a few more weeks, and we’ll get it out of your way once you’ve completed all the Chapter 4 steps!

Hi- I'm a little confused, I can't find the student code to have my students join. Is it gone? I can only find the option to add students manually. Am I missing something?

Hi Mike,

We have removed the Class code as it was causing more confusion than being helpful (The code that students who already had accounts could add to their previous account in order to join your new class).

Your class is probably in the intro chapter or chapter 1 if you do not see any student code to invite your students to create their accounts.

In the New Classcraft Experience, we introduce features slowly over time as you progress through the Chapters. The feature you are trying to use is unlocked farther in the Chapter progression than where your classes are currently at, this is why you do not have access to this feature yet.

Chapter 1 is a way for teachers to ease into Classcraft without the need to create student accounts. Student account creation only comes in Chapter 2, where you will be able to invite your students to create their accounts via email or by giving them their unique student code.

Learn more about chapters here:

I can't figure out how to allow my kids to join a second class with their accounts. I invited them and when they click the email to join the new class, and then login, it only shows the first class. I can't figure this out. Can someone help me?



Why were the different team backgrounds removed? Students used to really like them. The different sceneries, accompanied by unique sounds, gave each team an identifying "homeland". The crests are still there, but dropping the backgrounds is another mark in the loss column over the past few years, imo.

Hi Mike, In order to launch the New Classcraft Experience in time for Back to school, we have had to remove the personalized backgrounds for now. 

We intend to bring back the custom backgrounds but for now we have chosen to simply show the current Chapter background for the class the students are currently looking at.

Any chance you can upscale the number of hearts everyone starts with? I want to do our first Boss Battle tomorrow, and I'm concerned that a few of the Mages, that are down a few hearts already, are at risk of falling if I do a Boss Battle because they only start with six hearts. It's much easier to navigate class penalties and Boss Battles when there is more wiggle-room in the health totals. I'm forced to essentially make each question worth one heart. (And making questions worth only one heart is less impactful games-wise than say a 20 point blow.) Thanks.

I would really like to have the class list back! When I take attendance at the beginning of class, to mark a student absent I have to go to the team list, but it takes longer to take attence since I don't know in what teams all my students are. It was way easier before when we had a class list in alphabetical order.


Hi Mike!

We have divided all values by approximately 5 when making the conversion from HP to hearts. It might take some time getting used to it, but with that in mind, 20 HP = 1-2 hearts.

It might seem like 20 HP is more impactful than 1 heart but for a student who knows they can only have a maximum of 6 hearts, it feels just as impactful to lose 1 heart!

We will add fractions of hearts to Boss battles in the future so you'll also have more freedom there but for now we suggest using 1 or 2 hearts maximum for your Boss battles questions. It is mostly a matter of converting the Boss battle's health as well if you are using Boss battles that you imported. Bosses shouldn't have 100 Health anymore, dropping them to 20 or even 10-15 health will allow your students to defeat them while still posing a challenge if your students miss a few questions.

I'll make sure to send your feedback to our team however, we are open to improving the systems in place, over time :)

Hi Lyne,

We fully intend to rework the different ways to sort students and add a more robust system with more options in the future.

We thank you for your feedback, stay tuned!

Hi- Sorry for all of the questions/feedback, I'm just trying to sort through the changes. Just wondering, it seems like we also lost the sounds of the gold pieces being awarded. Any chance that comes back?

Hi Mike, this is on our radar already. Currently there are sounds associated with awarding Experience and Gold pieces or removing Health to a single student via the 'View profile' page but no sounds are currently playing when awarding or removing points via the main dashboard.

We strongly believe that these sounds are a great motivational tool and we intend to bring them back!

That sounds great. Honestly, this new version of Classcraft really feels rushed, and a part of the immersive experience that really draws students in, seems to be missing now. Hopefully, when there are changes in the future, there can be some sort of beta period where the changes are put through tests by the eventual users. That would allow for quality feedback and potential revisions to the proposed updates.

A few years ago when I used Classcraft, I was able to create behaviors for a class store - I labeled them with the item/privilege, and the amount of GP deduction so kids could use their gold to purchase from my class store. With the update, I don't see that this is possible anymore. Is the store now only reserved for school accounts, and premium teachers can't use it, or use behaviors listed as item names as a way to pay for items? I know I can manually deduct gold, but that requires a notation every time, and that's tedious to do for something I intend to use a lot. I loved having pre-set deductions available for this.

Also, I have a vague memory of being able to sort my behaviors in ABC order, or whatever order I preferred. Is that gone or am I just having a "duh" moment?

I'd also like to be able to select the default dashboard view to my preference. I want to show List View whenever I open my dashboard, but it always reverts back to grid view. 

I'd like to open up Classcraft in the manner that we used to. The default view now looks like a generic classroom management system. The changes overall have led to a less immersive experience, and students are, unfortunately, less into Classcraft than in prior years.

Karen Hapli What you are describing has, indeed, become a School license only feature. If you believe that a school license is something your school could benefit from, fill in this form and we will get in touch as soon as possible to explore different options open to your school.

Karen Hapli and Mike Collins we appreciate the feedback, we will definitely take it into considerations for our future updates to the platform.

I am finding many of the same things super frustrating about the new platform as others have mentioned. It has taken me so much longer to introduce this and get things rolling with my students than before and I have been using Classcraft since 2016. I'm not so sure how helpful the Chapter method is for any of us who have already been into the game already and know all the apps within it. Perhaps in the future you could all us to choose between two buttons, "New to Classcraft" which would lead new teachers to the helpful Chapter menu, or "I am an expert at Classcraft and I'm ready to use it!" It isn't exactly as crisp and clean as I was hoping. At first, I was super psyched about the hearts and crystals, but whatever happened to the student introducer? I thought after I finished through all 4 chapters it would appear. Is there a student introductory quest anymore? Also, I do not like the fact that there is no team view for backgrounds, and also the view of each of my students and teams. It just has their names. Are there more updates coming soon? 

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