Create Characters without Inviting (NEW UPDATE)

I am exploring the new Classcraft, I am currently in Chapter 2 and have noted I can add students but not create the student, it only gives me the option to invite the student so they may create their character. This is a huge oversight as not all learners have computers and at home or emails and thus teachers should be able to create the character for them as an option for those students.

Hi Dan!

In Chapter 2, if you open the student's profile, you should see a button that says "Select Character" which will give you the option to create the character for the student.

Have a good day!

It does not show for me, only shows invite button. The Select Character only shows after Chapter 4.

Any update on why mine does not show Jenny?

Hi Dan!

Sorry about the delay.

You have to make sure that the step Invite students to create their accounts is checked before you can access this button.

Hi Jenny, it does seem to work now. However every character I make is assigned as automatically with no choice as a "Guardian" not an "Explorer/Adventurer"

Hi Dan!

They are marked as "Guardians" in the Class Settings, but they are indeed Explorers.

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