Power Use in Quests Objectives

I have a suggestion that I  think would be relatively easy to implement and impactful.   Create a button on Classcraft objectives that allows students to use a power on that objective.  It would make powers useable for online learning.  Currently, if my students want to use a power that reduces late penalties or increases time limits they have to email, or message on Classcraft to use it.  As a result, I have not had a single power used all semester for assignments.  


Powers are not implemented in the game.  That needs to change. I would recommend a power bar that persists, no matter where a student is on Classcraft, and when used while in quest mode, is logged on the objective it is used on.  

This is super interesting idea, Scott! I'll transfer this to our engineers!

I wholeheartedly agree with Scott. However, Nicolas, I am shocked that it seems like you haven't thought of this. This is a considerable flaw in Classcraft, the ability to Actually integrate everything. Yes, they can deck out their Avatar's, but in reality, there isn't much interaction that really happens through the game, so to speak, that the teacher doesn't have to initiate through students emailing or commenting. And when you have six classes of 30 students, it makes all those powers and other little things almost impossible to track if you have to scroll through notifications to find it. And the notification will say 3 students, reached this or whatever but doesn't say who the students are. And again, scrolling through the game feed is time we don't have as teachers and is completely inefficient. Even the Boss battles aren't that useful since it doesn't automatically grade the quiz, or students can take it on their own and itself grades. 

If a student uses a power, I don't know they used it unless they tell me. There needs to be a constant tally box for each student to see what powers they have and what they have used as a power usage box. If they want to use a power, it sends me a notification through a Power Request Box or tab on the teacher dashboard. I then have to confirm that they can use that power to skip the assignment they want to skip or turn in late. You see, the tracking part of this game is horrible. It's a lot of scrolling and searching, and I can see how this will get boring. They already aren't using it as much because it isn't interactive without the teacher presenting to initiate things or monitor them. Quests are doing the activities I laid in. 

I really cannot see myself using this again after my year runs out because it is a lot of work for the teacher to make it work well and track correctly. 

For example, the same goes for pledges. How do you assign them other than telling a student which one they will do by verbally telling them or sending them an email. There isn't a way to push a button where that pledge is assigned, and they cannot move on until the pledge is completed and that pledge hold is taken off their Avatar. Right now, it's me tracking all of this, which is more work on top of all the tracking we do as teachers, grading, inputting grades, creating lessons. We still have to do all of this with Classcraft. 

Other companies are coming up with your same model but taking it to the next level, where it needs to be. I like Classcraft, but for it to survive, I think you are going to need to get your tech people to talk to actual teachers on what we need to make this work for us and not be shocked when a teacher says it would be helpful to be able to track the usage of Power better. That was just a giant "Duh," in my opinion. 

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