Combining Classes

I was wondering what could be done to combine classes in classcraft? We have been doing a hybrid with half the students one day and half the students next day, so I had students in different classes within Classcraft for Random Events etc. we are now going to go back to full capacity on October 12, and I would like to combine the a group "A" and the group "B" students without students losing any types of points powers etc. I’d also like to keep their teams, if possible.

Hi Charlie!

You can combine your classes by creating and new class and import all your students in it. After that, you can remove them from the old classes and archive them. This will allow your students to keep their characters and progress. Please email us if you need more assistance with this procedure!

Have a good day!

Is there a way to keep teams as well, or do they have to be reassigned? 

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