I have just started Classcraft. I really love it, it's nice and cool. I created this post to share everyone what I did for my class and get some feedback, I guess.

I added some stuff to my classroom. First of all, since a lot of teachers added a shop, I decided to add one too. I used google forms to make a form on what the students can buy.

I also put different forms (representing different stores students could unlock) with a quest.


Second of all, I added a prestige system. Players could use 15,000 XP to get a prestige crown in front of their name. Crowns are for showing off, but I also made a prestige shop to be able to use the crowns.


I also added houses. I couldn't find any websites to be able to make characters and make houses and gardens, so I just used spreadsheets and google docs to create each student's house. Due to that, unfortunately, I had to make the decor for the house not for showing off or cosmetics, I had to make them useful somehow.

In fact, I even added a money maker that could give students money every day.

To up everything a bit, I also allowed students to create a garden. They could plant all sorts of plants and sell them for their boosts or for money.

And, finally, I made three "students" in Classcraft that are controlled by me, who are supposed to be evil and cause havoc, and the students need to try and get their HP down. It's a draft idea so far, though. 

Oh, yeah. And I also added a star system. Whoever has the most XP gets a star in front of their name.

So... yeah. That's technically it so far. I know I went a little to overboard, but my students love it.

If you want any picture/screenshots of the systems, or have any ideas for me, please comment. Thanks!

Hi Dalton! 

This is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing what you did in your class. I'm sure it will inspire other teachers!

Great ideas!  How old are your students, may I ask?

I am very new at this.

I am having trouble visualizing how you have set up a garden and houses for your students to build. Is there any way I could see a screen shot to get an idea on how this works?

Thank you and you do sound amazing!

I would love screenshots! Please! ESP of the forms/ sheets

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