Google Forms Objective Quiz Email Workaround

Hello folks. Brand new to Classcraft. Plunked down the money for premium experience even before I had a chance to really test it with students as I was so impressed with the system. I began flying through creating quests for my students with objectives and tasks using some outside apps and programs. However, when it came to the Google Forms Objective Quiz, I had an issue.

Our school isn't very cutting edge. Although most students have access to technology at home, it is rather limited in our classrooms. Also, many parents are hesitant to create email account for their children. We don't have Google Classroom, Apple Education or any other LMS or tech program. It has been left up to individual teachers to decide how they want to use tech in the classroom. 

I wanted to use the Google Forms Quiz Objective as an assessment and branch point for students who needed more work. However, CC and Google Forms wouldn't cooperate as they need an email to check the score on the Google Sheet and reference it to the student's email. Since my students don't have email, I created all their CC accounts manually and we set them up in class together.

To get around the CC Google Forms Quiz email requirement without making individual emails for each student, I created a brand new Gmail account that has some sort of school or teacher significance. For example, if I am Mr. Jones at Ocoee Elementary School I would create a Gmail account [Mr Jones Ocoee Elementary School]. 

Then go into Classcraft under your Class Settings and edit each student's email to be mrjoes+(username) For example, my student's username is amberc001, her email would be Go through and do this for each student, changing the +(username) to match their CC username.

You will receive a email verification from Classcraft in your main email for each student. Verify each email for each student. This is done easier in a private window so that you can just exit out of each window after verifying, going back to gmail to click on the next email to verify.

Once completed, tell your students when they come to a Google Forms Quiz Objective to enter in the as their email address and the system will accept it. This will enable you to have self progression, assessment quizzes that are checked by the CC system.

Hope this helps

TL;DR: For students who don't have emails associated with their CC accounts but who you want to be able to use the Google Forms Quiz Objective as an assessment with automatic checking and self progression. Create a new Gmail account as a domain, (teacher initials/school initials) Then go to CC Class Settings. Edit each student's email to be, (just created email) Open a private new window. Log into Gmail. Receive verification emails in your newly created Gmail inbox and verify each email. Inform students that on Google Form Quiz Objectives of their email (email)+(username) 

Hope this helps!

Hi Sean!

Thank you so much for sharing! This is an incredible workaround!

Have a good day!

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