Quest Help - Want Give Them a 2nd Chance

I have been using ClassCraft for about  5 years (4 paid, 1 free) and have not taken the time to figure out quests. I have used them but did not like them... but I want to give them a second chance.

I want to incorporate quests, but I am required to post all work on Google Classroom by the district. In the past, I have used quests for background info, like non-assessed videos reading articles, etc... but the district requires everything to be listed on Google Classroom and assessed (minimum marked as complete) there. When I did link the quest to current Google Classroom work in the past, I became too much work. I'm thinking I may be doing it wrong so before I try again I have a couple questions:

1) Is it redundant and just double posting if I add Classroom work to quests?

2) Not Self Paced - I do not want the students to move to the quiz unless all previous work on Classroom is completed. Do I have to approve each individual quest step for each student, or does marking it as complete on Classroom move the student to the next quest step?
I ask because with students moving at a different pace and having about 100 students checking the status on both Classroom and ClassCraft will be crazy tedious. If we go remote again the due dates will be flexible and student will be completing work/turning it in early and even weeks late...

3)Self Paced - If I do set the quest to Self Paced, can the students just click through and not do the work on Classroom?
I do not want them to just click through and not do the work... nor do I want them to do the work on Classroom and wait for me to approve them to the next step. 


Thanks in advance for helping. With the students returning to classes this fall, I want to take the time to use it in class first and to be prepared for remote learning if it happens again this year.

Again hank you!

Hi Fred!

Those are great questions but it may be hard to answer through the forum. Since I want to make sure you get to experience the full potential of quests, here is what I suggest: it would be perfect if you could attend these two webinars:

Motivating students with Quests: Every Wednesday at 2 PM EDT. Register here.


Using Classcraft with Google Classroom: Every Thursday at 2 PM EDT. Register here.

We will be able to go over the basics of Quests and Google Classroom with you and give you all the answers you need in real-time! 

See you there!

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