What happens to students over time?

I am a prospective teacher and was hoping to pick the brain of someone who has been using Classcraft with the same students over time?

Are there any indicators of 'gamer burnout'?  Do students play fornite any less?
What happens after some time or when characters have maxed out their characters levels and abilities, if they become too powerful. i.e. taking characters as far as they can go?
Can a student use the same character over a few years? how do students go using the same characters in different adventures where some are new?
Also, while I have you here,
I did post in the Australian Forum but I was wondering if you could share any links to exemplars of Classcraft use in Australia? Do know of any created adventures that have been mapped against our curriculum as examples?
Has Classcraft been accepted by the Australian education system/schools/parents? (I am doing research for a Masters in teaching)
Any examples of Classcraft helped with online/blended learning?

Hey Roy! Hope all is well. Im a a teacher in Ny, when using classcraft gamification you want to give realistic point values, that will help them level up not too slow & not too fast. I do points by hundreds this allows for them to still have the excitement.

If you level them up too fast you can reset their points and start over. Hope this helped.

Thanks for responding to this! I'm just getting my feet wet with Classcraft and had a similar question!

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