Share your Random Events for Remote Learning here!

Hi teachers!

Jenny from Classcraft here.

As we all know, the arrival of the pandemic has completely changed our lives and the way we teach. Luckily, teachers are among the strongest in spirit, and with your help and patience, we have managed to turn this unfortunate situation around and adapt to this new way of teaching.

Since we all know that sharing is caring, I thought it would be interesting to share Random Events that you can use remotely with your students!

The Random Events I am sharing are part of our new and improved presets and are available to import when you create a new class and select the 'Remote Learning' template. Here are my favorite ones from Classcraft!

(for Middle School students)

A Costumed Ball: 
For the next class, everyone must wear a distinctive accessory.

Choose to Prosper: Each team can choose one teammate to gain 300 XP.

Nose Goes!: All of the Guardians must touch their nose. The last person to touch their nose loses 10 HP!

The Chant of the Master: The student with the least XP chooses a song that the teacher must sing.

Young Jokers: Each team must tell a “dad joke” to the class. Best joke gets 300XP!

Share away and have fun!

Lookin ' Good - everybody has one minute to bring back some kind of hair product; The Earl of Sandwich - one player per team has 1 minute to collect as many sandwich ingredients as possible; We Didn't Miss the NBA - one player per team, whoever sinks the most trashketball shots from 6 feet wins; More Valuable than Go!d - 30 seconds to come back with a roll of TP; 

Show and smell - find the smelliest item you can and share with the class

Scavenger Hunt - find items the teacher requests (I usually say, Sphere, something with 4 legs, the word "five")

the one that says egg wins 1000000xp



Lift your leg as high as you can

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