Objective Notifications

It would be great if the Quest Objective Completion Notifications emails had the student name and the objective they completed.

With 25 students and 30 objectives, the emails come fast and furious. With no specific details as to who/what, they are nothing but spam to me - just something else cluttering up my mailbox.


Tom Townsend


Hi Tom!

Thank you for the feedback but I am unsure which email you are referring to here. We do not send email notifications for Quests Progress. We send a notification in your To-Dos (including the name of the student and the name of the objective they completed) and, if activated, we send a browser notification. 

We do send email notifications for the following but Quests progress is not one of them;

I hope this clears it up!

Don't hesitate to email us directly at support@classcraft.com if you have additional questions!

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