Group Certificates

Hey guys,

I would like to put in a request for GROUP certificates. I like the individuated ones; however, I often celebrate team effort in class and would love to make group certificates without the use of photoshop.

The same layout as the individual would be fine but containing the avatars of all the members of the group, perhaps on a faded edge team background and using the team sigil as some sort of central motif. 

This way I could do certificates for the wall or for sending home celebrating the best quest completion or the best collaborative effort, or the best ANYTHING that required the team to work as a whole...


Agreed!! This would be awesome. I have also been working on making a digital Classcraft yearbook for the students. It was a bit tedious for 300 kids. A template that automatically generates names/classes would be fantastic!

Group certificates are a great idea!

Classcraft is all about teamwork so it would make sense to have certificates for group achievements.

I've added this to our feature request submission and we will have a look at it next time we review new feature ideas!

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